Getting ready for the second season of IT-classes for Immigrant Women

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I would like to share some experience I have had recently with doing some volunteer community work, creating and running a computer class for Immigrant Women in Oslo.

Last autumn my employer Steria had a vision of trying to help out in the local community by sharing some of the skills and resources the company possesses.
A local organization called the Church City Mission who does community work was contacted, and there were discussed different ways that the company might contribute.
The Church City Mission came up with the idea that we could hold computer classes for users of a center focusing on health and family-care they ran, with many immigrant women among the users.  
Many of whom are lacking basic computer skills.

An email was sent out to all Steria employees in Norway asking for people to contribute.
I decided to join in and see what this was all about.
At the first meeting with the volunteers I accepted the task of creating the class material, as well as holding the class for a group of Somali women (with an interpreter).
In parallel with this class we held classes in Arabic for Iraqi women and in Urdu for a group of Pakistani women, these classes where held by volunteer Steria employees who speak these languages. More

So long, and Thanks for all the Sid’s

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On the retiring of the NewSid tool and the creation of Myths in IT


When working as a consultant, its not unusual to come across  customers who for some reason has chosen to do things in a way that is not in accordance with established “Best Practice”.

Often the customer will tell you that it is because of some unique characteristic of his solutions and environment, and that the decision not to honor the best practice is based on previous experience of internal staff, and/or other external consultants. The rationale behind the decisions might have been true in the past , but may not be true anymore.
However- the details of the previous experience is not known, – but someone once made this decision, so it must have been based on some rational reason, – right?

PowerShell Scripts for finding Services and Scheduled Tasks that are using a specific account

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ps1s1 A while ago I created some scripts that others might find useful.
The scripts where made for checking whether or not it was safe to disable a specific account, by looking for services and scheduled tasks that might be needing this account to run.
The scripts where originally made for checking win-2003 servers.

I have written them so that they now look for the use of the local administrator account on the servers, the scripts can therefore be helpful if you are going to disable this account in your environment (which you should..)
I made three scripts to accomplish this task, one “ping-script” to get a list of servers to check, one to check for services and one to check for scheduled tasks.


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