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“Signature check failed” error during OSD after moving SCCM to new hardware

posted by terje in OSD, SCCM, System Center

Maybe the easiest way to create a complete backup of a SCCM site is to use some sort of disk imaging software.
This way you are certain that all  drive letters, folder structures, accounts and so on are correctly restored if the need to do a complete restore of the site becomes necessary.
I had the opportunity to test a scenario where I restored a image of a Single Site – Primary Site Server to different, but identical hardware, and ran into some “interesting” issues.

The first one was no surprise, the SCCM server looked weird after the first boot up after the image had been applied. Collections and other items were missing from the console, so a Site restore using the ConfigMgr Site Repair Wizard was the next thing I figured had to be done.

The other issue was also as expected: I was unable to assign the IP and Nic name I wanted to the network cards and got a message that they were already assigned to other cards, so without any further investigation, I opened a elevated command prompt and entered “Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1″ and then “Start devmgmt.msc” to open the device manager. In the device manager i selected “View” and “Show hidden devices”.
The remains from the nic’s in the original hardware are listed in a “grayed out” view.  All these can safely be deleted.

After this was taken care of I could configure my “new” nic’s with the necessary information needed to acces the domain.

I could now run the ConfigMgr Site Repair Wizard.
Running though the steps is pretty straight forward, but if you are going to run this on a system you have installed  manually from scratch on new hardware- make sure  you manually copy and backup the srvacct folder located at the root level of the ConfigMgr 2007 install location, to a location where it can be later restored, before you run the Site Repair Wizard.

If you are using a restored disk image of the original OS and SCCM, thankfully this is not relevant.

After this I gave it about 30 minutes before I started looking around, and lo and behold -All looked fine ;-)

That was until I started deploying servers with the SCCM task sequences.
The machines would boot up on the task sequence boot media, but rather rapidly fail and trow this message in the smsts.log:

signature verification failed TSMBootstrap
ipCertContext != listpServerCertContext.end(), HRESULT=80004005

signature check failed: <signature> TSMBootstrap
DoRequest (sReply, true), HRESULT=80004005

Failed to get client identity (80004005) TSMBootstrap

So what is all this about then? More

Deployment CD second edition out now

posted by terje in OSD, SCCM, System Center


Johan Arwidmark from TrueSec has released a new version of his excellent Deployment CD.

The CD covers Lite-Touch Deployments using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Zero-Touch Deployments using System Center Configuration Manager 2007. The first version covered these topics using MDT 2008 while the new edition uses MDT2010 and SCCM Sp2 R2.

The CD consists of step-by-step Guides and Video Tutorials:

SCCM 2007 R3 Announced

posted by terje in SCCM, System Center


The System Center team has today announced the plans for the upcoming SCCM 2007 R3.

The added features are mostly about power management,  a feature I think captures the zeitgeist in a great way.

In these times of financial crisis, IT-departments are looking to cut costs, and are at the same time encouraged to “think Green IT”

The upcoming release of the SCCM 2007  R3 can help IT-departments address both these concerns – by providing tools for power management for SCCM 2007 clients.

Hyper-V Management Pack for SCOM 2007 released

posted by terje in SCOM, System Center

On Friday Microsoft made the Hyper-V Management Pack for SCOM  2007 available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.

Features include:

  • Management of critical Hyper-V services that affect virtual machines and host server functionality
  • Management of host server logical disks that affect virtual machine health
  • Full representation of virtualization in a single Hyper-V host server, including virtual networks, virtual machines, and guest computers
  • Monitoring of virtual machine hardware components that affect availability

Get it here!

The hard to find SystemCenter Partner forums at Microsoft

posted by terje in System Center

Rod Trent over at myitforum posted these links to the Config Manager and Operation Manager Partner Forums.

I believe you will need a Microsoft Live Account associated with a Microsoft Partner to log in.
Configuration Manager:

Operations Manager:

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